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I went to the theatre to see the musical “42 Balloons,” based on a true story from 1982. The production was not only moving but also delivered a powerful message about the pursuit of goals.

The story centres on a protagonist driven to achieve a daunting objective. 

Having achieved his goal, and with no other purpose than achievement he is left with the task of paying off a great loan, through interviews telling his tale.

The essence lies in understanding why we chase these dreams; is it for personal fulfilment, benefiting loved ones, or impacting our community 

Without a clear purpose, achieving a goal might leave us feeling empty. The musical prompts a reflection on our motivations and the deeper implications of our ambitions.

Leaving the theatre, I found myself reassessing my own goals and their underlying reasons. “42 Balloons” is an excellent blend of entertainment and existential inquiry, ideal for those who seek thought-provoking content.